Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Typecast 001.1

Alright, I'm moving over to Blogspot, because that seems to be what every other typecaster is using.

I had to excise “More to come. Best wishes.” It was between the main text and my signature. I realized I wasn’t so inclined to put my signature on the web. See my first typecast below:

Full Text
TYPECAST: April 9, 
 Two-thousand and eleven
Hello Typeosphere.
My name is Parker Harris Emerson, and this is my
inaugural post. I’m writing on what appears to be a Smith-
Corona Coronet Cartridge Twelve (or possibly a Coronomatic -
but I think that is the ink cartridge). I got it as a gift
from my future mother-in-law, who got it from her mother
when she went off to college.
I am prone to flights of fantasy, so my fiance insisted I
try out my newfound desire 

 to type on a typewriter with
a used machine instead of buying one from a store for a
hundred bucks or so. Wise woman.
I used to write fiction on a typewriter when Iwas a little
kid. At my firm we have a typewriter we use to fill out
certain labels, and typing on it reawakened a desire I did
not know I had within me. This is a hobby I think I could
really get into.
The machine shows signs of much love and use. Currently,
the “one/exclamation point” key, and the kew (?) key don’t
work, and the space bar is a little 

 wonky, but otherwise
it sem seem.s like an iwredible machine.
I had a talk
 with my future mother-in-law (Cathy) about
the virtues of speed versus accuracy. Clearly, I’m going
to need to start emphasizing the latter, as my focus has
always been on speed plus a well-customized auto-correct.
More to come. Best wishes.
Emerson Harris


  1. I like it. And thanks for the good advice on my blog.